Say Yes! to a Happaning wedding

What is Happaning?

Happaning is a media platform that allows users to create and consume immersive stories through our ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) technology.

With Happaning your special day is captured through the eyes of your loved ones.

Relive your special day

Footage is available for you (and your guests) to play back and relive your special day, over and over again.

Cost effective

Smartphones nowadays have top spec camera functionality. Happaning can act as a cost effective substitute for a videographer or compliment your existing cinematography plans enabling you to have a plethora of high quality wedding footage without breaking the bank.

Guests capture your wedding story

Using smartphones, your special day is recorded by your guests using our technology creating an immersive, multi perspective experience through Augmented Reality and video syncing.

Guests who can’t attend can watch live

Guests who are unable to attend in person can watch your day unfold in real time, switching perspectives and navigating between vantage points as if they were there. Think Google street view but with video!

Private & Secure​

Your privacy is important to us blah blah blah. Happaning is a great solution for those who may be planning a more intimate and private affair.
Have a Happaning wedding for just £799 in just 5 easy steps.
Step 1
Click the Buy Now button to purchase
Step 2
An email will be sent to you with a unique URL link which you share with your guests
Step 3
The unique URL includes a link to download the Happaning app and a tutorial on how to use the app on your special day**
Step 4
You receive a notification in the app. Guests can start filming or watch live if they are unable to attend in person.
Step 5
The content lives on for you and your guests to watch over and over again
*Usual RRP is £999.
**Happaning is only available for UK Android and iOS users.
Happaning is powered by ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) - a technology that represents the next significant innovation in media engagement.

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