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London Tech Week – Ones To Watch 2021 Showcase

If a picture tells a thousand words and video a thousand pictures… imagine what a thousand videos could tell us.

So… What’s Happaning?

Think Google street view, but with video; Happaning is an award-winning platform that lets you watch an event from any perspective, at any time and from anywhere in one immersive navigable experience.

We call this revolutionary media format, multi-Vantage-Videos, or simply ViiVids®. Our proprietary ViiVid technology lets viewers navigate between vantage points in real time or retrospectively, by simply swiping in the direction they wish to move in. ViiVids allow viewers to freely attend live events, explore global landmarks or relive past experiences as if they were actually present… our take on time travel. This also negates the need for travel emissions. while supporting attendance from those with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds unable to physically travel.

The How…

Our proprietary tech synchronises multiple mobile and static video feeds by time, location and audio-visual queues with a real-time codec by leveraging the today’s most accessible technology; the smartphone. Adding Augmented Reality overlays, we deliver the ability to crowdsource immersive storytelling; something completely new to the UGC market, projected to reach $434.03 Billion by 2027 [VerifiedMarketResearch,2020]. Game-changing advances in Virtual Reality currently under development will offer the ability to look around AND move around within an event or narrative like never before.

The Why…

By nature, traditional Video media formats are limited to single perspectives, therefore open to abuse (deep-fakes, careless editing, deliberate misdirection) and delivering a restrictive viewing experience. Our block-chain style decentralised peer-to-peer codec verifies the time/place of the footage, detects post-production edits, then empowers viewers to switch (or pan) perspectives by gesturing in a desired direction, to gain a richer appreciation of what’s ‘happaning’. E.g. if you don’t believe what you’re seeing, swipe for another perspective. ViiVids® empower more immersive, collaborative and verifiable storytelling and viewing experiences; enabling more informed decisions regarding the truth of what’s shown. This makes ViiVids one of few viable counter measures against the impending deep-fake videos.
The Who… (Team)

The Who Else (Our Competition)

With >4.3bn daily consumers, the incumbent Video can be considered the main competitor to ViiVids®. But if a picture tells a thousand words and video a thousand pictures, then ViiVids tell a thousand stories. That’s to say, videos will compete with ViiVids in the way static pictures previously competed with moving images.
Additionally, we envisage 3 main areas of competition including Video platforms (Youtube etc.), Content providers (Netflix etc.), Social-media platforms (fb/insta, Snap, TikTok etc.). Where some content providers like MelodyVR and Youtube do offer 360 ̊ videos, viewers cannot move freely, are anchored to one spot or are moved autonomously by the fixed video perspective. ViiVids will merge traditional videos with 360 ̊ vantages into one immersive navigable experience, and leverage competitor interest as they present enormous potential for partnership opportunities.

How Far?

Having created a fully functional, award-winning (The Pitch UK 2019 People’s Choice)
proof-of-concept, we secured two arduous patent publications, both at home (UKIPO) and globally (WIPO PCT). We’ve since run a wildly oversubscribed B2C alpha trial into target demographics while securing B2B2C commercial partnership with award-winning content creators, journalists and a network of 300+ event vendors. We raised pre-seed funding last year and have recently secured our lead investor on our way to a £500K Seed.

If you want to know more visit: https://londontechweek.com

Happaning is powered by ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) - a technology that represents the next significant innovation in media engagement.

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