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28 January 2022

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What’s Happaning – Q4 2022 Update

28 January 2022

Happy New Year! (We figured it’s January, so we can still say it!). We hope the new year has started well for you.
As promised, we’re getting back into our regular cadence of updates and today we come to you with a summary of how we ended 2021.
Check out the VIDEO below. 👇🏾

We are pleased to announce the following developments:

More Award Wins!🏆
We ended the year triumphantly, flying the flag for the UK by winning the People’s Choice Award at the European Social Innovation competition –  a beacon for innovative creators and companies in Europe.  We were also a Top 10 Innovation Winner at the Super Connect for Good Competition.

Richard Branson – Our new BFF!🧔🏼
In November, we reached massive heights with a feature story by Virgin StartUp which delved into the journey of our Founder Ando. Richard Branson himself also shared the story on his social media platforms! Have a read of the article here.

Spring Beta launch 🌻
Our tech team is working round the clock as we work towards our Beta launch in March. Stay tuned for more progress updates.

If you have any queries and are interested in discussing any points within this update or would like to receive any additional company information, please do get in touch.


Stay tuned!  👀

Ando Eniwumide
Founder, CEO
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