Get a Sneak Peek πŸ‘€ of any event or location – LIVE – before you go!

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We’ve all been there.

Hyped to go out with your friends all week!

So you…

But when you finally make it inside, you very quickly realise that the vibe is just…off.


The music is NOT as expected


The crowd is NOT your scene at all


Don’t get me started on the food!!!

Did you really just waste all that money? time? effort?

no issue, you'll just try the 2nd location you guys shortlisted in the group chat...

…aaaand now you remember why it was 2nd in the first place – the vibe’s even worse

*Happaning enters the chat*

Happaning is a crowdsourced, event preview app that lets you experience any event or location before you get there, through the eyes of the community.

Get LIVE personalized video previews from trusted people who are actually there!

Our Features

Happaning combines three powerful features


Previews are streamed LIVE of an events or location as it’s happening


You get real previews from real people actually at the place you want to be (or see)Β 


When multiple people record, their previews are combined into one multi-view video, giving you an even more authentic and immersive preview

Wanna see πŸ‘€ what’s Happaning before you decide πŸ€”?

We gotchu!

How it works


Ask the community for a Vibe Check of any location or event


Everyone at the location gets a Vibe Alert countdown to get you that sneak peek


They all compete to create the MVP - Most Valuable Preview


Watch LIVE streamed multi-view previews and decide

U going or nah? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ