Happaning… Let’s tell it together

Happaning lets you watch an event from multiple perspectives in one immersive navigable experience

– switching perspectives like you were there!

Be the story

Create stories with your friends. We encourage multiple viewpoints, bringing people together and helping them better understand each other’s perspectives through collaboration

Tell the story

Better idenitify #Fakenews. Don’t trust just a single person’s perpective… navigate to them all by simply swiping, to alternative vantages of the same event

Relive the story

No more #FOMO Happaning uses Augmented Reality (AR) to signify the relative position of your friends, local points of interest, and other video streams available, contextual to positioning. With Happaning you can be there without physically being there.

“Happaning is the only media platform that allows users to create, share and consume immersive stories through our ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) technology.“

— Ando E, Founder

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The Technology

Through Augmented Reality and video syncing, ViiVid Technology lets viewers navigate between vantage points in real-time or retrospectively, allowing them to relive experiences like they were there

 – our version of time-travel!

Happaning is the only media platform that allows users to create, share, and consume immersive stories through our ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) technology.

Happaning Awards and Nominations:

Central to our ViiViid technology is a philosophy centred around community, collaboration and diverse perspectives, the complimentary business support afforded by awards and recognition from peers and reputable bodies in the industry helps to promote these ideals while providing credibility and exposure to secure more commercial partners.

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    Happaning is powered by ViiVid® (Multi-Vantage Video) - a technology that represents the next significant innovation in media engagement.

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